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Weekend at Rockfield Studios for two

from six by seven

Like the Highlander, there can only be one. Fancy coming to Rockfield Studios for the weekend, hang out, watch the band record and meet a few lovely people? Now it is your chance. One room has come up for grabs. It's a chance to visit the legendary studios were countless number one records were recorded. You can't get into these studios unless you come down here to record so grab your chance now.

The weekend starts on Friday evening at 5 PM on 6th December and goes through to late Sunday evening. Friday evening at 7pm we have a waitress served meal all together and everyone hangs out in the accommodation block having a party! Recording starts the following day and there is another big evening meal on Saturday. Sunday is another day of recording and you can stay as long as the band does or mooch off if you want to.

All the rooms are en-suite. The scenery around the farm is great too. It's just a brilliant place to be and there is normally another famous band in the other studio, you never know who it might be or who you might bump into!

You are guaranteed to have a great time and it's only going to cost you the price of a bed and breakfast!

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six by seven Nottingham, UK

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