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The MuZiK KluB started in April 2013 - All the releases are handmade and contain lots of new music and all sorts of other unique things. Every month you will always get a handmade card and envelope with a date stamp and a unique numbered stamp. All envelopes are individually signed to the fan / buyer and you get the number in the order they are bought.

Each month you will recieve a card envelope with another envelope and card and inside that you will find at least one Vinyl Style Retro CD with great music and a 'fireside chat' newsletter along with a load of other interesting and personal things.

MuZiK KluB releases in the past have included:
1. Chapters of my autobiography and corresponding photographs
2. Films of my studio
3. Arthouse quicktime movies
4. Free high quality limited edition T-Shirts
5. Original photographs of bands that I have taken whilst doing my degree at college
6. Early six by seven gig posters
7. Tour paraphinalia
8. Family snaps
9. A letter I recieved from Iron Maiden after writing to them in 1980
10. Photograph of Bill Hicks which I took of him in 1992
(which no one has ever seen and have never been published)
11. An hilarious email from Julian Cope telling me how to produce my band!!
+ Copy of a very rare album I made with Julian Cope
12. Copies of early concert tickets
13. Cuttings of original contact sheets
14. Press clippings and old 6X7 promo stuff
15. A Tour Laminate from a 2013 UK tour
16. 6X7 tour itinerary from a New York Gig when Interpol supported the band
17. Countless six by seven bootlegs and other side project albums

Recently on the double vinyl release of six by seven's KluB Mix!33 album, all the MuZiK KluB members received a credit as executive producer on the album as well as a free copy of the album!

But what you will always get along with all of this is great music which is only ever available through the MuziK KluB.


What you get:

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six by seven
Nottingham, UK

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